AnchorMinerMaster PRO-A+ Immersion Cooler

MinerMaster PRO-A+ Immersion Cooler

Some of the specifications of this device include the following: These features have made this device stand out from the rest.

Input : DC 12V
Current : 1,2 A
Power : 15W
Cooler Temperature : 19°-25°C
Est.miner chipset temperature on mining mode :  55-65°C
Operating Temperature : -20°C – 50°C
Temperature Sensor : -25°C-150°C miner surface
Display : 4 digit temperature display
Dimensions(Without immersion oil) :  65 x 38 x 40 cm ( L. x W. x H.)
Tank dimensions(Without immersion oil) : 40 x 38 x 40 cm ( L. x W. x H.)
Package dimensions(Without immersion oil) : 69 x 44 x 46 cm ( L. x W. x H.)
Weight (Without immersion oil) : 9KgWeight (Without immersion oil) : 9Kg

As you can see, the MinerMaster PRO-A + Immersion Cooler has a lot more power than its counterpart, the MinerMaster PRO-A Immersion Cooler. By buying this device, you can satisfy your desires to a great extent. There are many miners in the world. They have different titles, some of which we mention here.


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